September 25, 2017

FeiFei Ruan - THE NINE CLOUD DREAM - Penguin Random House

The Nine Cloud Dream, written by Kim Man-Jung was out last month and FeiFei did an excellent job on the cover! This is the first literary work of Korea to be translated into English.

Here is a short introduction from Penguin Random House's website: 

"Korea’s most prized literary masterpiece: a Buddhist journey questioning the illusions of human life—presented in a vivid new translation by PEN/Hemingway finalist Heinz Insu Fenkl

Often considered the highest achievement in Korean fiction, The Nine Cloud Dream poses the question: will the life we dream of truly make us happy? Written in 17th-century Korea, this classic novel’s wondrous story begins when a young monk living on a sacred Lotus Peak in China succumbs to the temptation of eight fairy maidens. For doubting his master’s Buddhist teachings, the monk is forced to endure a strange punishment: reincarnation as the most ideal of men."

To read more about the book, please visit Penguin Calssics website
Check out more of FeiFei's work on our site.

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