March 21, 2017


Talented, tenacious...typographers!

Please take a moment to welcome the latest addition to the pool of creatives in our roster: Ana Gomez Bernaus, and Wes L Cockx! Visionaries with the written word, these artist's works are a conceptual, and stylish approach to a defining form of visual communication- text.

Ana Gomez Bernaus has been on the RSAR radar for quite a while. Having used her skills as a graphic designer in our office for a few years, we had the honor of using her talents to create our official logo! Now that the borders are expanding, so to speak, we're thrilled to welcome Ana's great abilities as a typographer, illustrator, and graphic designer.

Ana Gomez Bernaus / 'Richard Solomon 3D logo'
Ana Gomez Bernaus / 'Q-Bubble'

Ana Gomez Bernaus // 'AIGA - Quoted'

Ana Gomez Bernaus // 'Head over Heels' Ambigram
Experimental 3D artist Wes L Cockx hails from Brussels, Belgium, where he works under the artist name 'CREAM' ( We immediately fell in love with his strong ability to produce urban, fashion, and design-oriented text, and bringing digital reality to life with his use of texture, and ambiance. To say this artist's game is on POINT is an understatement. Take a peek!

Wes L. Cockx // 'The Future of the Game'
Wes L. Cockx // ' USA'

Wes L. Cockx // 'Then'

Wes L. Cockx // 'Unlimited Unleashed'

Wes L. Cockx // 'Let's Color the Chaos'

Mel // RSAR

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