February 2, 2017

Society of Illustrators // Book & Editorial

New York, New York!

This Friday, February 3rd the Society of Illustrators' Annual Exhibition will showcase the most influential illustrations, by the best-of-the-best, of the past year in the "Editorial" category. Four of our artists have the privilege of joining the international line up of award recipients and featured artists!

• Edward Kinsella III
• Goni Montes
• Tran Nguyen
• Ricardo Martinez Ortega

The exhibition will be up until February 25th, but the Awards Ceremony is Friday, February 3rd...and you're invited!

• Society of Illustrators NY (East) "Illustrators 59" Event Info

Hope to see you there!

"The Tempest" // Tran Nguyen

"Tarzan, Metropoli" // Ricardo Martinez Ortega

Mel // RSAR

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