February 14, 2017

Introducing: Gaston Mendieta, Kevin Stanton, and Kofong Hsia to RSAR!

We are excited to add another THREE amazing illustrators to our roster...please help us welcome Gaston Mendieta, Kevin Jay Stanton, and Kofong Hsia!Take a look at their work:

• Uruguayan-born artist Gaston Mendieta combines strong ideas, and simple visual elements to create very interesting visual puns. Gaston's superb concepts and execution immediately drew us to his work.

• Kevin Jay Stanton brings to the table beautiful, elaborate, and stylish paper-cut imagery. He works traditionally, and digitally, to make incredible works of art. His skills expand beyond 2-d art on many levels, such as animated GIFs, pins, and he even has a side business with his brother making wooden objects/props!

• And last, but not least, those of you who have been with us for some time, may already be familiar with Kofong Hsia. This talented creative is one of our very own staff members (project manager and website guru), but because of her broad talent, we're happy to announce she has officially joined the team as one of our artists!

We are so proud our diverse group of artists just keeps expanding and the talent knows no limits; stay tuned for more updates from these great talents!

Mel // RSAR

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