September 20, 2016

David Palumbo // Artistacon debut!

This past weekend, a plethora of amazing artists took over Burlington, NJ!!!

The first ever 'Artistacon' event, co-founded by Chris Kotsakis and Enrico Botta, is a new kind of convention which brings together today's leading artists of a variety of genres, to lecture on symposiums relevant to anyone interested in getting into the combining the technical, creative, and business sides of the artistic worlds.

Artists of all levels were welcome to lectures dealing with creative entrepreneurship, visual storytelling, self-publishing a novel, among many other topics, and RSAR artist David Palumbo had the pleasure of being invited to lecture as a Guest of Honor in this excellent event. David taught an insightful symposium revolving around 'Reference Photography for the Artist', which, if you've ever wondered just how David creates incredible narratives, juxtaposing mystery realism with imagined subjects and worlds, this lecture gave you a sneak peek into his process (...and really, I mean a seriously big sneak peek because this lesson was PACKED with knowledge!)

You have two more chances in the near future to learn ya a thing or two about the art world and catch David in the North East!
> (Delaware) IX Preview Pop-up Exhibit September 23rd-September 25th
> (Reading, PA) Illuxcon 9 October 19th-23rd

D. Palumbo lecturing on "Reference Photography for the Artist"
And after a successful lecture, RSAR artist David Palumbo looking giddy!

“It’s not that we thought the cons needed to be improved, or that we wanted to go deeper into the business side,” Kotsakis said. “But, while hanging around Artist’s Alleys (areas dedicated to artists showing their work), we began noticing that more and more people seemed curious about how to break into the industry and were looking for some first-hand tips of the trade.
“Our thought was, ‘Maybe we could put on a con to help young artists and designers develop their skills and passions,’” he explained.
So, instead of simply browsing the aisles and booths to discover the newest products, guests of this comic con could actually learn about the process." 

- Jersey Arts

What a great event, see you at the next one!

Mel // RSAR

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