August 9, 2016

Tran Nguyen // Process and The Flooded Hour

Tran Nguyen's recent pieces in the Cluster: A Group Show of Groupings has a lot of her fans wondering what her visual creative process is - well now you can enjoy this process video from Tran and watch her work!

For a minimum of $1 (US) or $2 (international) downloads, enjoy 60 minutes of Tran's painting process as she creates "Leftovers On the Evening Train", one of 6 pieces she created for this recent show she was a part of.

The opening reception for "Cluster" in Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC was held on August 3rd, but the works are on display until August 20th, so be sure to stop in if you're in NY!

"Somewhere Between Now & Then" / 15"x19" / acrylic & colored pencil on paper / 2016

"The Riverbed Nightingale" / 20"x16" / acrylic & colored pencil on paper / 2016

"By the Waiting Hour" / 12"x16.75" / acrylic & colored pencil on paper / 2016

Available for purchase, please contact Jonathan LeVine Gallery at

Mel // RSAR

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