August 26, 2016

Mark Summers // The Lost Ones

Artist Mark Summers did this beautiful illustration for the jacket of "The Lost Ones" by Michaela MacColl.

Due to release October 15th, we are excited to share this preview for this powerful story about Casita, a Lipan Apache girl and her struggles following the attack on her people.

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"Despite her father’s warnings that their tribe is always in danger, Casita, a ten-year-old Lipan Apache girl, has led a relatively peaceful life with her tribe in Mexico, doing her daily chores and practicing for her upcoming Changing Woman ceremony, in which she will officially become a woman of the tribe. But the peace is shattered when the U.S. Cavalry invades and brutally slaughters her people. Casita and her younger brother survive the attack, but are taken captive and sent to the Carlisle Indian School, a Pennsylvania boarding school that specializes in assimilating Native Americans into white American culture. Casita grieves for her lost family as she struggles to find a way to maintain her identity as a Lipan Apache and survive at the school."

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