August 5, 2016

Jason Seiler // Tall Tales Music Festival

WISCONSIN! Prolific artist, caricaturist, and illustrator Jason Seiler will be signing copies of his book The Complete Artist Book at the fourth annual Tall Tales Music Festival! The event will be held a week from today (August 12th-13th) in Burlington, WI.

"If there has ever been one book that elevates and shows an exact path on achieving the ultimate success in any creative industry, it’s Jason Seiler’s The Complete Artist: How to Succeed in the Creative Industry."

Jason's extensive knowledge in the industry, his artistic versatility, and total professionalism have earned him the respect, and continued work with high-caliber clients such as TIME, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, MAD Magazine, The Weekly Standard, amongst a plethora of many other publications.

Spend the day immersing yourself in one of the best music, food, and arts festivals around, and be sure to stop by to get your copy of The Complete Artist Book signed by the artist himself, Jason Seiler!


Mel // RSAR

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