July 20, 2016

Jason Seiler // Jaime Escalante USPS Stamp

For artists here at RSAR, having work that instills inspiration is the most rewarding.

It's now been a week after the official unveiling of this Limited Edition Forever Stamp. Artist Jason Seiler was commissioned to work on a portrait honoring Bolivian-born educator, Jaime Escalante, a most respected and admired math teacher, known for introducing the first AP Calculus class to Garfield High School in Los Angeles, California.

Jason's impeccable painting skills beautifully immortalize Jaime Escalante's essence and strength.

Read more about the unveiling ceremony on the NBC website, or about the League of
United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and how they made this even possible by following this link.

Jaime Escalante Forever Stamp.

Jason Seiler's original painting.

Mel // RSAR

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