July 7, 2016

James Bennett // Golfdom Magazine

Recently Golfdom Magazine called upon artist James Bennett to take on the cover portraying the hardships that come with being a golf course superintendent, and those who leave it to "go to the dark side".

"Assistant superintendents work years in hopes of becoming a superintendent. Some never get a shot, some leave the industry, and a lucky few make it and get their own courses...

Then there are the guys who became superintendents and quit, to take a job in sales. Fertilizer sales, equipment sales, irrigation equipment, etc. — they’re still in the golf maintenance business, but they have “gone to the Dark Side.” This is a universal term in the industry, and it happens frequently."

James beautifully illustrates a clearly overwhelmed and frustrated superintendent who is perhaps doubting whether he should leave or stay; what would you do?

The image will be featured on the cover of the July/August issue so keep your eyes peeled!

Mel // RSAR

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