July 29, 2016

Goni Montes // SDCC unveiling of 'Kiss' covers

SDCC 2016 convention brought with it the showcase of upcoming 'KISS' comic books by Dynamite Publishing, written by Amy Chu and Kewber Baal...
...and one of our very own, artist Goñi Montes has been busy creating four beautiful images for the first run of this series!

Due to release in October, the now futuristic and sci-fi take on legendary musicians 'Kiss' is all the hype in the comic book world, since their late 70's debut to the scene.

Goñi, who is no stranger to vibrant, colorful, and fun covers - having done the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers covers for BOOM! Studios - he is delighted to now share his upcoming work, and we're happy to share it with you; so stay tuned for the official print release!

Great work Goñi!

Mel // RSAR

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