July 22, 2016

Eric Drooker // "The Fight Begins"

In lieu of the recent political tension in the United States, and how ruthless contenders can be towards one another, artist Eric Drooker skillfully portrays the two major parties in this cover for The New Yorker. Each corresponding infamous symbols (the Democratic Party as a donkey, and the Republican Party as an elephant) are shown engaged in a fighting ring where only one will win.

Eric comments on his work perfectly summarize this image in this article by The New Yorker.

“The struggle for change takes place every four years, and has been ritualized into a spectator sport...”
“Everyone watches two contenders going at it in the middle of the political arena—it’s a blood sport.”

Inevitably, when contemplating American politics as a whole, we're left to wonder whether the representations of each party as animals is sheer coincidence or not...

Be sure to pick up your copy when it hits stands Monday July 25th! Great job Eric!

Mel // RSAR

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