June 8, 2016

Sam Spratt - Portrait of Gabourey Sidibe

Sam Spratt's personal work of Gabourey Sidibe's portrait. It is very interesting to see how Sam portrays all the personalities of his models. He is always trying to read through the surface and get the essence of each individual's "true self."

This one is the same. When Sam ask Gabourey how she would like to be portrayed, stripped of any pretension, she answered:
“I don’t really care about how I’m portrayed” and then she paused and continued “I guess … did you ever watch the show Community? Ya know how the school’s mascot is the human being? I mean, I don’t want to be a grey faceless spandex blob like that, but I’d like to just be a human being. Not someone’s message or idea of what I stand for because of what I look like, just a human, how you’d paint me if I were anyone else".

To know more about the story behind this painting, check out Sam Spratt's facebook.

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