May 3, 2016

World Press Freedom Day - Maciej Frolow

Today is World Press Freedom Day!!

Every year, May 3rd marks the annual celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom.

The United Nations General Assembly declared today to be World Press Freedom Day to raise awareness of how important freedom of press is to the well being of humanity.

World Press Freedom Day is a day of support for all forms of media which target issues concerning the submission or abolition of freedom of the press. This day serves as a reminder of the need for governments to respect their commitment to press freedom as well as a day of remembrance for all of those who lost their lives in the exercise of their passion. 

In honor of the day, please enjoy this powerfully conceptual piece by Maciej Frolow depicting a pencil amongst a row of bullets

Use your words, not your weapons


// Tricia @ RSAR Staff 

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