May 11, 2016

Tran Nguyen - Flavor Illustrations - Common Cider

Recently, Common Cider decided to rebrand and refresh the look of two of their signature flavors; Hibiscus Saison and Blood Orange Tangerine. They have commissioned non other than our very own Tran Nguyen to make these beautiful and exciting watercolor illustrations for the packaging of their ciders.

Common Cider is known for their refreshing and interesting palette combinations. I for one cannot think of a more harmonious pair than to collaborate Common Cider's taste with Tran's visuals. These illustrations came out bright and spirited, representing all that embodies the brand. Tran did a fantastic job at capturing the essence of both flavors and we are so excited to see what's in store for this new found partnership.

This great drink comes with some great artwork, all you need now is some great company to share it with. So go out and get yours today! Available at your local convenient store (regional restrictions may apply)

"These are ciders that taste like poems, enjoy them in the spirit of togetherness." - Common Cider

Photo by Tran Nguyen


// Tricia @ RSAR Staff

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