May 25, 2016

Introducing Aytek Gurkan to RSAR!

Here at Richard Solomon Artists Representative, we are thrilled to add Turkish artist Aytek Gurkan to the team! His work is exciting, imaginative, and contemplative. 

Predominantly featuring patterns to formulate his work, Aytek uses subtly juxtaposing design elements in his work, to allow us the ability to contemplate his illustrations, and the experience of seemingly ordinary subject matter, turns into a cerebral immersion of very organic and human sensibilities, in an organized setting. 

Having studied Art Management in Istanbul Technical University sparked Aytek’s interest in illustration and design. After some time, he began to study graphic design on his own, which influenced his work and pushed him to pursue the illustrative arts. Currently his expansive client list includes Bürosit, Mobilist, Arkenus, Ada Turizm, Oyuncak Denizi, etc., and we look forward to seeing his work flourish with our company!

Please scroll down to see some of his work.

Stay tuned for more of his excellent illustrations!

Melanya // RSAR

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