April 28, 2016

Mark T. Smith - Linoleum Block Prints - Images For Revealed

Check out Mark T. Smith's incredible linoleum block prints created for an interesting way to illustrate bible stories in Ned Buster's new book, "Revealed." 

“Revealed” is an illustrated bible created exclusively for adults. The author, Ned Buster, is good friends with Mark and asked specifically for a printmaking media for his vision. The artists featured in the book included, Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt Van Rijn and numerous accomplished contemporary artists.

These prints are very detailed and hold within them many symbolic factors that illustrate different aspects of each story. The more you look the more you find!

When asked about his experience with working on the book, Mark writes:

"With bible stories as subject matter, linoleum blocks at the ready and such good company, who could say no! Great book." - Mark T. Smith

Great job Mark!

// Tricia @ RSAR Staff :)

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