April 26, 2016

Maciej Frolow - Fine Art Prints

Although we represent illustrators, many of our artists dabble in the fine arts world as well. One artist, in particular, I'd like to share with you is Maciej Frolow. In his spare time, Maciej is working on a series of space paintings representing a cause he cares about very much. He has shared with us his process!

This tiger is part of a collection he is working on called "Endangered animals" which will depict many species of animals who are endanger of going extinct if we do nothing to stop it. It is a very powerful concept and an elegantly crafted piece. All of these works will be available for print and a percentage of sales will go to the WWF organization. In order to purchase this space painting, or others such as this, click here !

// Tricia @ RSAR Staff

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