February 9, 2016

Borja Bonaque - At Ease With AI, INTELLIGENCE

Borja Bonaque was commissioned by innovation publication, INTELLIGENCE to illustrate for an article in their 4th issue about our relationship with artificial intelligence. The article uses examples of both real and fictional AI machines and asks the very real question of whether or not we're ready.

“We will let them listen in on our conversations: verbal, written, they’ll watch everything we’re reading and writing and saying and hearing….It will be like an assistant that helps you through the day, will answer your questions before you ask them, or even before you realize you have a question….That’s where we’re headed. But then a comment on that is it’s not an alien invasion of these intelligent machines to displace us, we will use them to make ourselves smarter, which is what we do today.”
-Ray Kurzweil

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