July 30, 2015

Petition against Wallpart.com

( WARNING!! Please DO NOT visit WALLPART.COM!! They use phishing software to use your browser history and get access to even more images!)

We came across Wallpart.com a few weeks ago when one of our artists discovered that his work was been sold on prints by this website without his permission. Unfortunately, companies like these come up more frequently than anyone would hope. This specific site uses their own search engine to find images from other websites then sells the artwork on products, without permission of the artist, and makes a profit! We researched all the artists we represent and here is the list of hardworking creative professionals whose work is being stolen:

Orlando Arocena
Patrick Arrasmith
Kent Barton
Jim Bennet
Tim Bower
Borja Bonaque
Charles Chaisson
Maria Corte
Kinuko Craft
Eric Drooker
Michal Dziekan
Thomas Ehretsmann
Chris Gall
Piotr Jablonski
Tyler Jacobson
Edward Kinsella
Michal Lisowski
Gregory Manchess
Ricardo Martinez
John Mattos
Goni Montes
Tran Nguyen
CF Payne
Oscar Ramos
Jason Seiler
Mark T Smith
Sam Spratt
Guy Stauber
Chase Stone
Mark Summers

Change.org is on the pulse and has a PETITION to remove Wallpart.com and protect creatives all over the world from being taken advantage of. Please sign and share this petition to help stop these cyber thieves from taking what isn't theirs! 

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