January 22, 2015

Gregory Manchess - Weightless, Solo Show at Arte Verissima Gallery

 This Saturday, January 24th, Gregory Manchess' solo show at Arte Verissima Gallery in Oakland, California is opening and will be on display until March 8th! The first of a series of many, "Weightless" is an exhibition in which Gregory is tapping into the viewers' memory by delving deep into the general elemental conditions we all experience everyday. Just as smell can instantly incite a memory, Gregory is playing with the viewer's visual and experiential memories by using the simple technique of familiarity.  The viewer is part of the product in this exhibition as the response to each painting becomes an integral part to the painting itself.

Learn more about the exhibition from Gregory himself here!
Check out Arte Verissima Gallery here!
Take a look at Gregory's portfolio here!

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