December 2, 2014

Rudy Gutierrez - A Purposeful Partnership: Art Directors & Illustrators, ADC and Society of Illustrators

ADC and the Society of Illustrators have put together an exhibition, displaying work by the best collaborative pieces by successful art directors and prominent illustrators. The show sheds light on the importance of the two entities coming together and using their individual skills and talents to create work, not just aesthetically pleasing but also intellectually engaging.

"All the works displayed here were created not as standalone entities, but to fit within a total dictated by boundaries and intended meaning. All are images made through partnerships with the mutual desire to entice, capture and keep an audience’s attention." 

Rudy Gutierrez's portrait of Devendra Banhart he completed with Rolling Stone art director, Steven Charny will be exhibited amongst the group of thoughtfully created pieces. 

The show is at the ADC Gallery and will be on display until December 19th. Check it out!

ADC Gallery:
106 W 29th St
New York, NY

Learn more about the show, here!
Check out more from Rudy, here!

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