November 10, 2014

Rudy Gutierrez - Society of Illustrators Lecture

Rudy, accompanied by his tremendous wife, DK Dyson, took the stage at the Society of Illustrators this morning to give one of his famous inspirational talks. He covered the grounds of the start of his career, his influences and inspirations, his successes, and his process. As the speech came to a close, the eyes of everyone in the audience were bright with new ideas for how they were going to follow their passions, stay true to who they were, and become die-hard fans on Santana. Here are some photos from this morning.

The audience, captivated by Rudy's lecture

The back view of the audience at the SOI

Rudy's infamous Santana "Shaman" piece

Rudy and DK speaking with an inspired fan

Check out more of Rudy's work, here!
Listen to DK Dyson's music, here!

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