November 19, 2014

Gary Kelley - Heavy Heart, Empty Heart, Columbia Magazine

Columbia Magazine recently came out with an article about the poet John Berryman in honor of his centennial year. Gary Kelley was commissioned to create the accompanying portrait of the Shakespearian scholar is famous for his "The Dream Songs", highlighting Berryman's memorable, impish character, Henry. A true artist and poet, Berryman lead a tortured alcoholic life which ended too soon but left lessons for others to learn from and words to capture the spirit.

Age, and the deaths, and the ghosts. 
Her having gone away 
in spirit from me. Hosts 
of regrets come & find me empty. 
I don’t feel this will change. 
I don’t want any thing 
or person, familiar or strange. 
I don’t think I will sing 
any more just now; 
ever. I must start 
to sit with a blind brow 
above an empty heart. 

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