November 24, 2014

Goni Montes - Queen of Hearts, Fish and Chips SCAD Illustration Department card deck

The Illustration Department at the Savannah College of Art and Design made a themed card deck this past spring, in which a group of very talented artists contributed for the theme of "Fish and Chips". Our artist Goni Montes, a professor at SCAD, also participated and created this awesome mermaid amongst mines!

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November 21, 2014

Oscar Ramos - Bear Stalks the 'Goldilocks' Stock Market, Wall Street Journal

Back in the beginning of October, when we could still pretend summer wasn't quite over and could still feel our toes, Oscar Ramos did this piece for the Wall Street Journal.

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Ricardo Martinez - Duquesa de Alba, El Mundo

The Duchess of Alba, a significant public figure in both Spain and around the world, passed away yesterday at 88 years of age. Ricardo Martinez's portrait of her was the most fitting cover for today's El Mundo to celebrate her life and say goodbye to the Spanish noble icon.

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November 20, 2014

Mark T Smith - Habatat Galleries, Art Basel 2014

Art Basel Miami is a massive art festival which takes over Miami, Florida in the first week of December. During this year's Art Basel, our very own Mark T Smith with be exhibiting work in a group show, "Counter Culture" at Habatat Galleries. If you find yourself soaking up the sun and massive amounts of exceptional art in Florida this December, check out the show!

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Ricardo Martinez - 5 prominent Spaniards from the past 25 years, El Mundo

In a special section of El Mundo last week, the newspaper had artist create portraits of the 25 most prominent Spaniards alive. Here are the five portraits Ricardo Martinez contributed.

Valentin Fuster

Placido Domingo

Pedro Jota

Felipe González
Amancio Ortega

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November 19, 2014

Thomas Ehretsmann - Man in Profile, Random House

Joseph Mitchell was a famous loved writer for New Yorker who married incredible journalism with stories of ordinary everyday people. Thomas Kunkel has created a fabulous written portrait of Mitchell in Man in Profile accompanied by a painted portrait by our very own Thomas Ehretsmann. 

Check out the book!
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Gary Kelley - Heavy Heart, Empty Heart, Columbia Magazine

Columbia Magazine recently came out with an article about the poet John Berryman in honor of his centennial year. Gary Kelley was commissioned to create the accompanying portrait of the Shakespearian scholar is famous for his "The Dream Songs", highlighting Berryman's memorable, impish character, Henry. A true artist and poet, Berryman lead a tortured alcoholic life which ended too soon but left lessons for others to learn from and words to capture the spirit.

Age, and the deaths, and the ghosts. 
Her having gone away 
in spirit from me. Hosts 
of regrets come & find me empty. 
I don’t feel this will change. 
I don’t want any thing 
or person, familiar or strange. 
I don’t think I will sing 
any more just now; 
ever. I must start 
to sit with a blind brow 
above an empty heart. 

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November 14, 2014

Gary Kelley - The Carribean Zola , Harvard Magazine

Harvard Magazine's November/ December issue cover story featured the work and life of world renowned sociologist, Orlando Patterson. Gary Kelley did several illustrations for the article, highlighting Patterson's influential work with his research on slavery and his impact on the modern day African American urban youths.

Read the whole article here!

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Sam Spratt - Logic, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

The album cover Sam Spratt did for Logic was featured on Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night when the young musician performed and turned heads on the Tonight Show. Check out the performance!

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Kinuko Y. Craft - Women of Myth & Magic, Amber Lotus Publishing

Amber Lotus Publishing with Kinuko Craft have put together a fabulously powerful calendar for 2015, celebrating strong female characters with prominent roles in great literature, poetry, and historic works of art. Featuring characters inspired by Cleopatra, Guinevere, Medusa, and Cinderella. Kinuko's breathtaking paintings shedding a new light onto each month of the coming year.

Check it out and get one for your own, here!

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November 12, 2014

Everbody's Body

Richard Solomon Artists Representative
Everbody's Body

Chris Gall

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. "



Ricardo Martinez

“I'm fat, but I'm thin inside... there's a thin man inside every fat man. "

-George Orwell


Goni Montes

"My body is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't think about it, I just have it. "

-Arnold Schwarenegger


Dongyun Lee

"Take care of your body. I'ts the only place you have to live."

-Jim Rohn


David Johnson

"A man at work, making something which he feels will exist because he is working at it and wills it, is exercising the energies of his mind and soul as well as of his body. Memory and imagination help him as he works.."

-William Morris


Charles Chaisson

"It takes more than just a good looking body. You've got to have the heart and soul to go with it ."



CF Payne

"In the United States, workouts tend to focus on body image and how you look. For me, it's really all about the brain. "

-Chris Cornell

Tim Bower

"Choose rather to be strong of soul than strong of body."

- Pythagoras


Sam Spratt

"Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body. "

-Joseph Addison


Patrick Arrasmith

"I've always been fascinated by the human body, but you can become quite morbid and paranoid if you think too much. "

-Ellie Goulding


Michal Lisowski

"A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body. "

- Christian Dior


Niklas Asker

"Your self-esteem won't come from body parts. You need to step away from the mirror every once in a while, and look for another reflection, like the one in the eyes of the people who love you and admire you."

-Stacy London


Oscar Ramos

"I don't think anyone, until their soul leaves their body, is past the point of no return."

- Tom Hiddleston


Maria Corte Maidagan

"The human body and mind are tremendous forces that are continually amazing scientists and society. Therefore, we have no choice but to keep an open mind as to what the human being can achieve."

-Evelyn Glennie


Ted Wright

"Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character. "

-Arnold Palmer


Piotr Jablonski

"You have to just accept your body. You may not love it all the way, but you just have to be comfortable with it, comfortable with knowing that that's your body."


Eric Drooker

"A woman's body is her body and what she wears or does not wear is her choice. Get over it and move on ."

-Randa Abdel-Fattah

Tran Nguyen

"'Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. "

-John Muir


Gary Kelley

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. "

-Mahatma Gandhi


Thomas Ehretsmann

"Her body calculated to a millimeter to suggest a bud yet guarantee a flower. ."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jason Seiler

"Idleness is the stupidity of the body, and stupidity is the idleness of the mind."

-Johann G. Seume


Michal Dziekan

"I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware."

-Joan Rivers

Orlando Arocena

"Man consists of two parts, his mind and his body, only the body has more fun."

-Woody Allen

James Bennett

"Every body type is different - that's what makes you unique. What makes you special is you, and you are different from the next person."

-Janet Jackson

Tyler Jacobson

"I have a natural right to do whatever I want with my body...."

-Jack Kevorkian

Edward Kinsella III

"A stong body makes the mind strong. .."

-Thomas Jefferson

Niklas Asker
Charles Chaisson
David Johnson
Dongyun Lee
Goni Montes

  Orlando Arocena
John Mattos
Guy Stauber
Maria Corte
Ted Wright
  James Bennett
CF Payne
Jason Seiler

Patrick Arrasmith
Kent Barton
Chris Gall
Bill Sanderson
Douglas Smith

Ricardo Martinez

Mark Summers


Jon Foster
Piotr Jablonski
Tyler Jacobson
Karla Ortiz
Chase Stone

Gary Kelley
Edward Kinsella
Tran Nguyen
Kinuko Y. Craft
  Eric Drooker
Rudy Guitierrez
Mark T. Smith

Michal Dziekan
Michal Lisowski
Oscar Ramos

  Tim Bower
Paul Cox
  Thomas Ehretsmann
Gregory Manchess
David Palumbo
Sam Spratt

Richard Solomon
Artists Representative

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