October 8, 2014

Ricardo Martinez - Lürzer's Int'l Archive, Advertising Worldwide

Lürzer's Int'l Archive see themselves as " curators of creativity " displaying the very best in creative excellence and the context within which this was achieved. In the latest edition of the magazine three of our artists' work from various advertising campaigns were selected to be amongst the best of the best. Take a peak at Ricardo's work below!

Campaign for Telepizza delivery service
"If work takes longer than expected, we deliver until 2 am."

Ad Agency: Tapsa / Y&R, Madrid
Creative Director: Susana Albuquerque, Tute Ostiglia, Adrián Rios, Juan Cenóz
Art Director: Adrián Rios, Huevo Heredia
Copy Writer: Juan Cenóz
Illustrator: Ricardo Martinez



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