September 22, 2014

A Visit to John Mattos's Studio

Hello Hello this is May, Richard Solomon's assistant! I have recently returned from the Western Wonderland of California, where I had the pleasure of visiting John Mattos in his studio! His studio is in the heart of Chinatown in San Francisco, perfectly placed under the oldest Buddhist Temple in the West and down the street from the infamous restaurant Hunan's Home! John was great to talk to, sharing insight into his professional career and great stories of Beatnik San Francisco! Here are a few shots I sneaked while John gave me the tour.

John sharing the view from his studio fire escape

Wonderful colors in SF Chinatown

Action shot of John in the midst of storytelling

An interior view of John's beautiful studio

Thanks John for a lovely afternoon!

Check out John's work on our site, here
Check out John's personal site, here

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