September 30, 2014

Oscar Ramos - Trash Wheels, Moose Toys

Oscar Ramos, in collaboration with Moose Toys in Australia, created these character illustrations for a new toy series, "Trash Wheels" which fits in nicely with the rest of the "Trash Pack". Oscar will be the first to tell you he had a fabulous time working with the talented artists and loved the art direction of Moose Toys. Together they created these fantastically disgusting images which will melt the heart of any five year old boy. Check 'em out!

Interested in getting 'Trashy'? check out the game
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September 26, 2014

Ricardo Martinez - Stephen Hawking, El Mundo

Ricardo Martinez, who is not only a smashing scratchboard sultan, is the art director of El Mundo newspaper in Spain. Recently they did an interview with Stephen Hawking for which Ricardo completed this outstanding portrait. Ricardo and El Mundo gave Mr. Hawking the portrait as a gift and a photo was taken of the two Stephen's together. Subsequently, the photo was used as the cover of the newspaper.

Be sure to see more of Ricardo's work on our site

Have a good weekend everybody!

Chris Gall - Making the Most of Your Patient Portal, Physicians Practice

Back in June Physicians Practice commission Chris Gall to take on a cover piece about the benefit and practical uses of patient portals. Yet another advent of technology, many people are unfamiliar with the process and have yet to take full advantage of it. Physicians Practice is here to make its case! Check out Chris's great piece!!!

September 23, 2014

Michal Dziekan - American Monsters, Boys' Life Magazine

Boy's Life Magazine did an expose of the American monsters running rampant throughout folklore all over the US. Michal Dziekan was just the man to give a face to all of these beasts ranging from Bigfoot to Sea Serpents. The humorous twist Michal gives to the monsters makes readers both hope and desperately dread the true existence of these "sited" creatures.

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Jason Seiler - USPS - Celebrity Chefs Stamps

Jason got this stamps commission back in 2012 from USPS to do 5 realistic portraits of celebrity chefs, James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis, and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi. The finals are outstanding!

The stamp now is finally available on USPS website.
You can also see more news here.

September 22, 2014

A Visit to John Mattos's Studio

Hello Hello this is May, Richard Solomon's assistant! I have recently returned from the Western Wonderland of California, where I had the pleasure of visiting John Mattos in his studio! His studio is in the heart of Chinatown in San Francisco, perfectly placed under the oldest Buddhist Temple in the West and down the street from the infamous restaurant Hunan's Home! John was great to talk to, sharing insight into his professional career and great stories of Beatnik San Francisco! Here are a few shots I sneaked while John gave me the tour.

John sharing the view from his studio fire escape

Wonderful colors in SF Chinatown

Action shot of John in the midst of storytelling

An interior view of John's beautiful studio

Thanks John for a lovely afternoon!

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Spectrum Show at Society of Illustrators

We went to the Spectrum show opening reception on the Sept 12 and had a great time with all the artists and friends. Last Friday we went back to the show and took the time to see all the artwork. It is indeed a fantastic show in terms of the quality and the diversity of the subjects, thanks to Irene Gallo and Gregory Manchess.Go check it out if you haven't.

Jim Burns (Above) and Tyler Jacobson (Below)
Spectrum Covers on the wall
Edward Kinsella III
Jon Foster (Above) and Karla Ortiz (Below)
Gregory Manchess
Detail of Gregory Manchess' painting
Detail of Gregory Manchess' painting

Dominick Saponaro (Upper Left) Goni Montes (Bottom Left) and Kinuko Y Craft (Right)
Detail of Kinuko Y Craft's painting
Detail of Kinuko Y Craft's painting
Detail of Kinuko Y Craft's painting

Sam Bosma (Left), Tran Nguyen (Upper center), Abigal Larson (Bottom center), and Chris Buzelli (Right)

David Palumbo

Down in basement

Hannah Christenson


Wayne Haag

Raymond Swanland

Alex Alice

Vanessa Lemen

Chris McGrath (above) and Red Nose Studio (below)

Travis Louie