June 6, 2014

Richard Solomon in San Francisco

Richard recently returned from his annual trip to the San Francisco Bay area, where he reviewed student BFA and MFA portfolios of the illustration department at the Academy of Art University at the behest of Chuck Pyle, the director of the school of illustration. As usual it was a very rewarding experience, giving advice and encouragement to over 40 individual selected students. During the coarse of his week long visit to the Bay area he was able to catch up with two artists he represents, John Mattos and Karla Ortiz.

Richard with a selected student, Apple Zhang, at the Academy of Art

Richard going through a recent graduates portfolio at the Academy of Art 

Richard critiquing the work of a young illustrator

Richard with another selected student, Ian Chiew, at the Academy of Art

While there he made a trip with John Mattos to Magnolia Editions across the bay bridge in Oakland. Magnolia Editions is known as one of the top ateliers that convert two dimensional art onto every conceivable substrate imaginable including glass, wood, metal, leather, and tapestries (they are the go-to source for Chuck Close among other iconic artists). We were there to discuss a forthcoming project of John Mattos for nine murals that will be hung in a new upscale restaurant inside a British hotel in Mayfair, London. Also he observed, his artist, Kent Barton's scratchboard illustration that had been transfer onto metal.

An interior view of Magnolia Editions

An original Chuck Close adorning the walls of Magnolia Editions

The back of the famous John Mattos walking through Magnolia Editions.

Don Farnsworth the founder and creative director of Magnolia Editions.

John Mattos enjoying treasures from Magnolia Editions

An interior view of Magnolia Editions

Kent Barton's piece applied to metal

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