June 6, 2014

Orlando Arocena - Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel

Orlando's recent poster completed for The Poster Posse's Tribute to Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" is getting quite a bit of some well-deserved attention. The director of the film, James Gunn, gave a little flavor to his twitterverse when he tweeted about Orlando's piece in praise. Also seen on Twitter, Chris Pratt a.k.a MR.STARLORD gave his ode to Orlando's work when he re-tweeted Gunn's post calling the poster "Tremendous!" The poster was also given a showcase on Blurppy.com, exhibiting Orlando's crazy process from intial vector lines to the mass amount of anchor points to the sexy smooth finish.

 Check out Orlando on Blurppy, here

 See proof of James Gunn's tweet, here!

 Chris Pratt did it too! Check it, here!

 Become even more acquainted with Orlando Arocena's work, here!

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