June 9, 2014

Mark T Smith - Secret Societies, Frederick Holmes and Company

"Sculpture is the final frontier for a painter and draftsman and I am approaching this new expression with a renewed love of the creative process, the tabula rasa of a wise child who falls in love again with the arts' seductive forces," said Mark T. Smith.

Mark T Smith, taking a break from that Florida sun, is exhibiting work at the Frederick Holmes and Company gallery in Seattle, Washington. The solo show is featuring Mark's new paintings, sculpture and original lino cuts. It marks the gallery's first anniversary exhibition and the Mark's first series showcased since 2010. Some of the canvas and paper used in Secret Societies are repainted works from earlier periods with emerging themes that are darker and heavier than any of Mark's  previous  personal work. 

Get more images from the show, here
You can learn more about the show, here
Check out the gallery, here
See more of Mark's work on our website, here

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