December 22, 2014

Oscar Ramos - 10 Things Personal Trainers Don't Tell You, The Wall Street Journal

Last week, Oscar Ramos was commissioned to create a piece for the Sunday Journal's 10 things column. Last week's tid bits were about the 10 things Personal Trainers Don't Tell You. As always, Oscar came up with a fantastic solution.

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December 19, 2014

Michal Dziekan - What Disgusts a Pole?, DF Magazine

Duzy Format recently came out with their January issue, in which Michal Dziekan was given the hysterical task of illustrating the feature article " What Disgusts a Pole?" The entire story is made up of interviews with Polish people asking them what is it that makes their noses flair and their skin crawl. The results are both hilarious and...well...gross.

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December 18, 2014

Orlando Arocena - Alternative Breaking Bad At Christmas Artwork, Shortlist

Shortlist decided to combine the ever-loved show, Breaking Bad, with this seasons festivities. They commissioned 12 of their favorite artists to create their rendition of how the king of blue crystal would take on a white Christmas. Orlando Arocena was chosen to partake in this endeavor and here is what he came up with!

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December 17, 2014

Richard Solomon Artists Representative
Oh Baby Baby!

Thomas Ehretsmann

“Babies control and bring up their families as much as they are controlled by them; in fact the family brings up baby by being brought up by him."

-Erik Eikson


Ricardo Martinez

"Pregnancy is something that I always love. It's about hope and the future and a new baby. "

-Carine Roitfeld

Jon Foster
"My body is a baby machine."

- Kristin Scott Thomas


Michal Dziekan

"Babies should be classified as antidepressants. It's pretty hard to be in a bad mood around a 5-month-old baby"

-Jim Gaffigant


David Johnson

"It's extraordinary to look into a bay's face and see a piece of your flesh and your spirit. It makes you realize you are a part of the human race."

-Liam Neeson


Bill Sanderson

"It's important to us to see the development and growth. At the end of the day, it's our baby. Genetically it's ours. It's our embryo. We feel very connected"

-Bill Rancic


Guy Stauber

"The first thousand days of a baby's life are likely to determine the rest of her life- whether she grows up to be healthy or not, both physically and emotionally. "

-Madeleine M. Kunin

Chase Stone

"A baby's existence for the first three months is a one-way street. One person is doing all the work and the other is crying, sleeping and pooping. So the first moment when you're actually able to do something and they acknowledge your pressence, that's a big deal. A very big deal."

- Collin Hawks


Eric Drooker

"Look at the newborn baby. It struggles to breathe after living in the womb. And yet, growth comes as a result of struggle..."

- H. Rap Brown


Gary Kelley

" You'll have an unbelievable sense of calm when you have a baby. "

- Ali Hewson


Maria Corte Maidagan

"'Tis love that makes the world go round, my baby "

- Charles Dickens


Rudy Gutierrez

"I love that time when all you want to do is cocoon with your baby in your own little world... "

-Kelli Williams

Mark Summers

" And when our baby stirs and struggles to be born it compels humility: what we began is now it's own."

- Margaret Mead


James Bennett

"If you were to open up a baby;'s head - and I am not for a moment suggesting that you should - you would find nothing but an enormous drool gland."

-Dave Barry


Tim Bower

"You get to relive your childhood when you have a baby and you see these toys and these books you read when you were little - the innocence that you are able to maintain because you have to find that again in order to connect with your child keeps you in a special state of mind."

- Idina Menzel


Oscar Ramos

"Having a baby is a disaster for your career. I don't think there's any sympathy."

-Mariella Frostrup


Douglas Smith

"Children love and want to be loved and they very much prefer the joy of accomplishment to the triumph of hateful failure..."

-Erik Erikson

CF Payne

"Well, I think anybody who's had a baby can tell you that once you have a baby, they kind of become the main focus. I don't think there's gonna be a lot of room for anything else."

-Michael Shannon

Niklas Asker
Charles Chaisson
David Johnson
Dongyun Lee
Goni Montes

  Orlando Arocena
John Mattos
Guy Stauber
Maria Corte
Ted Wright
  James Bennett
CF Payne
Jason Seiler

Patrick Arrasmith
Kent Barton
Chris Gall
Bill Sanderson
Douglas Smith

Ricardo Martinez

Mark Summers


Jon Foster
Piotr Jablonski
Tyler Jacobson
Karla Ortiz
Chase Stone

Gary Kelley
Edward Kinsella
Tran Nguyen
Kinuko Y. Craft
  Eric Drooker
Rudy Guitierrez
Mark T. Smith

Michal Dziekan
Michal Lisowski
Oscar Ramos

  Tim Bower
Paul Cox
  Thomas Ehretsmann
Gregory Manchess
David Palumbo
Sam Spratt

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December 16, 2014

Sam Spratt - Foo Fighters, Rolling Stone

Last month Rolling Stone commissioned Sam Spratt to do a piece of the ever-famous band, the Foo Fighters. As always Sam did a terrific job, you can check out the article, here!

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C.F. Payne - Gaming the (School) System, The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Recently, C.F. Payne was commissioned by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis to create a piece demonstrating the tense environment of parents seeking out and picking the best school in which to place their children. Put your poker face on, its time for kindergarten!

Check out the entire article, here!
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December 15, 2014

Michal Lisowski - Going Mobile: a User’s Guide to Investing Apps, The Wall Street Journal

Back in October, Michal Lisowski was commissioned by The Wall Street Journal to illustrate the cover of their Weekend Investor. The feature for the issue was about how personal financing has joined the ranks of dating, social media, and stargazing, placed right into our hands in our smart phones. Charlie Wells and Annamarie Andriotis highlight the pros and cons of mobile personal financing while Michal Lisowski created the  bustling visual. Read the entire article, here!

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David Palumbo - Iran's Supreme Censor, The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard recently came out with an article about Ali Khamenei, the second and current Supreme Leader of Iran. The article unravels the past of Khamenei, as he began his young adulthood as a lover of books and poetry to who he is now, an enforcer of Islamic revolutionary orthodoxy. David's piece puts a perfect visual to the article, which you can read here.

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December 10, 2014

Jason Seiler - Massoud Barzani, Time Magazine

Jason Seiler has been commissioned once again to participate in Time Magazine's Person of the Year selection. This year Jason created this flawless portrait of Massoud Barzani, who was chosen as the fourth runner up to the Ebola Fighters. Jason was thrilled to work with Time yet again and we, at the office, couldn't be prouder to have one of our artists be selected to taker part of this a second year in a row. Check out Jason's incredible piece and the article, here!

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Goni Montes - Bill and Ted's Triumphant Return, Boom! Studios

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, the headbanging, time traveling 80's classic was just a spring board for so much more to come. Boom! Studios has created a whole new mini-series of what came next. Bill & Ted's Triumphant Return written by Brian Lynch with interior artwork by Jerry Gaylord, a side-splitting intoxicating tale, has been released and our very own Goni Montes has created the cover. Check it out!

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December 9, 2014

Richard Solomon and Staff to Art Basel!

Every year for the past half dozen years I have been going down to Miami for the annual Art Basel Miami art fairs. There are now over twenty fairs participating in the weekend of art in Miami and Miami Beach with over a thousand galleries from all over the world in attendance. It's quite a week! For the second year in a row my assistant May Parsey and my former intern Rachel Caires joined me. If you are at all interested in the fine art world this is the place to be since within a small radius you can see so much art from all over the world. For those of you who have gallery affiliations or who wish to find a gallery this is a great place to make contacts and shmooze with gallery owners.  Of course, you can't beat the weather, the food, and the people watching.

Here are some cherry picked shots of artworks that resonated with us..

And so it begins, the entrance at the main Art Basel fair

A piece by Kehinde Wiley, seen at Art Basel

Jiri Georg Dokoupil's interesting painting, seen at Art Basel

A piece by Ivan Navarro, seen at Art Basel

Mel Bochner's famous piece, seen at Art Basel

Three of Hownosm's pieces, seen at Art Basel

A beautiful piece by Wayne Thiebaud, seen at Art Basel

Another great piece by Wayne Thiebaud, seen at Art Basel

Scope Ghost scuplture

One of Joel Daniel Phillips' pieces, seen at the Hasimotho Gallery at Scope. Our artist, Karla Ortiz, also shows with this gallery in San Francisco.

Scott Scheidly's world leaders, also seen at the Hashimoto Gallery booth at Scope

One of Carole Feuerman's realistic sculptures, seen at Scope

Anorher one of Carole Feuerman's realistic sculptures, seen at Scope

Stephen Coyle's beach scene, seen at Art Miami in the Paul Thiebaud Galley booth

Our artist, Mark T Smith's large piece created before a live audience, seen at the Habatat Gallery's pop-up location in Wynwood

One of Mark T Smith's pieces, seen at the Habatat Gallery's pop-up location in Wynwood


A party- goer at the Miami Ad School Party adding his creation to the graffiti walls

All female street artists in action, seen in Wynwood

One of Derek Gores' collages, seen at Aqua

An aisle view of Unititled

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