December 2, 2013

Making a Free or Low Cost Website

On October 10th, I posted an article about the logistics of sending out printed promos. It pointed out the importance of having a link to a professional website. I received a question in response asking how to achieve this without breaking the bank. Here follows both the question and response:



I am a mixed media Illustrator, but do not have a personal website of yet as I do not have the experience or the money to design a personal web space, even the simplest of codes intimidates me. I do have portfolios up on gallery sites like deviantart and facebook and tumblr, but I don't feel these look very professional. I have the majority of my work already up there though, including many pieces I no longer physically own or have lost the original files to. Is it okay to send you any of these links/use these links in a promo card? I really would like some helpful advice as to what I could do to network better. Thank you very much.

- D 

Hi Danielle,

That is a good question. I will say that including links to numerous non-portfolio or amateur portfolio sites on a printed promo is not the best way to go. Facebook, deviantart, and tumblr don't scream "working pro" [and are not the best in terms of presentation].

There are a number of free and affordable web services you can use to create a website:
- is a free service and a very simple way to create a site. NO CODING knowledge needed. The domain will be but for an extra $50 a year, you can purchase a personal domain.
- is another great and affordable services. For $8 - $24 a month, you get a website builder (no coding knowledge needed) and a free domain.
- is a website service offered by Behance. For $99 a year, you can design a very elegant portfolio website. No coding knowledge required. 

These are only a few of the services offered online.

Hope this helps!


Know of any other free/cheap web services? Feel free to post them in the comments section here. 

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