October 11, 2013


Karla Ortiz brought this scam to the attention of her facebook followers today and we wanted to pass it along. If you encounter anything fishy about any job or transaction, don't hesitate to protect yourself. 

There have been a number of artists emerging with the same story: They are contacted by someone who wants to purchase their art. All goes well until the check comes, it is in an amount that is more than what was agreed to so the "client" asks for the difference sent back to them in a money order. Only problem is the check is fraudulent so the artist essentially sends back cash only to find out a few days later that the check bounced. 

If this happens to you, or if a client ever tells you to send them any moneys back, don't deposit it and ALWAYS ask them to resend it for the proper amount. Also, do not send the art before receiving payment. If it really was an honest mistake, they will have no problem doing so. If they disappear or threaten you, report their email and check for possible fraud to the police. To prevent it from happening to anyone else, share your story! 

Take a look at this blog written by Jeanne Williamson where she gives more details about her encounter:  http://jeannewilliamson.blogspot.com/2013/09/scam-warning-to-my-fellow-artists.html

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