October 30, 2013

Phobophobia: The fear of fear

Paul Cox
Samhainophobia - Fear of Halloween
Gregory Manchess
Acrophobia - Fear of heights
Douglas Smith
Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes
Goni Montes
Hypnophobia - Fear of sleep
Thomas Ehretsmann
Achluophobia - Fear of the night or darkness
Edward Kinsella III
Dendrophobia - Fear of trees
David Johnson
Gerontophobia - fear of growing old, or a hatred or fear of the elderly
Rudy Gutierrez
Hierophobia - Fear of holy people or sacred objects
Andrew R. Wright
Aquaphobia - fear of drowning
Tim Bower
Iatrophobia - Fear of doctors
Kinuko Y. Craft
Dikephobia - Fear of justice, the law, and moral rightness.
Patrick Arrasmith
Entomophobia - Fear of insects
Gary Kelley
Claustrophobia - Fear of tight spaces
Ricardo Martinez
Lupophobia - Fear of wolves and werewolves
Ted Wright
Sanguivoriphobia - Fear of vampires
Mark T. Smith
Taurophobia - Fear of bulls, cows, and ox.
James Bennett
Phasmophobia - Fear of ghosts
Mark Summers
Taphephobia - Fear of being buried alive
Chase Stone
Sanguivoriphobia - fear of vampires
Kent Barton
Satanophobia - Fear of the devil
David Palumbo
Kinemortophobia - Fear of zombies
Bill Sanderson
Automatonophobia - fear of robots
Jason Seiler
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns
Michal Dziekan
Hypnophobia - Fear of sleep
C.F. Payne
Odontophobia - fear of dentists
Eric Drooker
Astynomiaphobia - Fear of the police
Chris Gall
Agoraphobia - Fear of being in crowded, public places
Tyler Jacobson
Chronophobia - Fear of time

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