August 20, 2013

Ted Wright - Dwight Yoakam Concert Poster

10 years ago, Ted Wright created a logo poster for country legend, Dwight Yoakam. Being a big country music (and rodeo) fan, it must have been a real treat to attend his concert over the weekend after updating his poster: 

"It was a great sold out concert [Pagent Theater, St Louis] for Dwight and he had the crowd all screaming for more. I did a logo poster for Dwight about 10 years ago (Red and Grey version) and he wanted to update the feel to a roughed up, torn and textured version of the artwork. It was so much fun to do the art and meet him after the show where he signed a couple of the prints with me. I'm a huge fan of country music, so this job was more than a joy for me to do."

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