August 2, 2013

Andrew R. Wright - Angulus Woodblocks

If you were given a limited color and one animal, how would you fill the space? Andrew R. Wright has found some pretty fun solutions in his new Angulus woodblock series. 

"The series started purely as decoration then morphed in to a more realized concept. Specifically, my girlfriend and I wanted to come up with a large image for a wall in our apartment that needed to be filled. Our decorating aesthetic falls in the grey area of angular with a touch of curve leaning heavily towards Mid Century Modern (think Dieter Rams, Eames, Paul McCobb, Vignelli). After printing a large 30"x40" Elk it became apparent that the idea could be pushed further than one image. Thus, the Angulus series was born. I was approached to show the work, back in June, giving me the opportunity to complete the series. Each image was produced in an edition of 4 ranging in size from 5.5"x5.5" to 14.5"x21.5". The series title, Angulus, is simply the Latin word for "a corner"." - Andrew R. Wright

You can purchase limited edition block prints from Andrew's etsy here

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