June 25, 2013

My Trip to Washington

I recently returned from my annual pilgrimage to our nation's capital for the World Food Prize Ceremony. This year, as in the past years, the ceremony was presided over by Ambassador Kenneth Quinn (former US ambassador to Cambodia) and now the president of The World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa. The keynote speaker was the secretary of state, John Kerry.

Heading down to Washington to see my old friend Ambassador Quinn and being in the audience for the annual WFP awards, is something I look forward to every year. To think back over the past 5 years of all the blood, sweat, and tears that many of my artists went though to deliver their best artworks that now grace the halls of the WFP headquarters, brought a sense of pride and satisfaction to me as I was listening Secretary of State Kerry talk about the fight for the elimination of world hunger. To think we had a small part in making this dream a reality, made it all worth it.

Take a look at the process it took to turn Kinuko Y. Craft's gorgeous portraits into mosaics here.
My blog post on visiting the WFP building when it first opened here.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Ambassador Kenneth Quinn 

Ambassador Kenneth Quinn 

John Kerry
Here is some of the artwork that we've created for the World Food Prize building: 

Gary Kelley's work
Gary Kelley painting scenes of Iowa, hometown of Norman Borlaug 

Mark Summers with a series of portraits of past laureates

David Johnson
Kinuko Craft's illustration of Dr. M.S. Swaminathan which was converted into a mosaic...
... and Dr. Evangelina Villegas

John Colier's statue of Norman Borlaug

Gregory Manchess's paintings were installed as lunettes in the center hall. 

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