June 14, 2013

Eric Drooker - Mining for Millions, NY Lottery

Monday morning as I got off the subway and was walking to the office, one of the first things I noticed was Eric Drooker's artwork on almost every phone booth and bus shelter. The work was completed several weeks back and we were anticipating it's release so we can share it with you.

Eric was commissioned by DDB for The New York Lottery to create illustrations promoting their new scratch-off ticket, Black Diamond Riches. The concept is that you can "mine for millions" anywhere, anytime simply by playing. Eric lends the campaign both a conceptual edge and his quintessential New Yorker aesthetic.


  1. I run a lottery website and I must say this is a really great piece of artwork to promote their scratch cards.

  2. Very creative advertising, besides aesthetically beautiful! I think the ads paid for itself, Eric Droocker knowingly got money! Well done!

  3. Good conceptual work! In this case, Eric Drooker did a good job! I like the way he passed through the idea of this advertising campaign!