June 11, 2013

Breakththrough 2013: The Runners Up

Last week, we announced the winner of the 2013 Breakthrough Contest to be Trylea (Zhichao) Cai of Hanzhou, China. 

Here are the runners up who were only a few points away from top place. They are all brilliant illustrators representing a wide range of styles. 

2nd - Lin Bo is an artist living and working in China. It's easy to see why he had such a high score. He combines realistic technical skills and solid illustration sensibilities. 

3rd - Tanner Griepentrog is a San Francisco based painter and illustrator.  He earned his BFA in traditional illustration from the Academy of Art University. His work combines both digital and traditional medium. Richard visited San Francisco's Academy of Art University a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to meet Tanner. We didn't know the final results at the time but were happy to see he did so well. 

4th - Julia Griffin received her BFA in illustration from SVA in 2010.  She is currently living and working in NYC, where she spends most of her time carefully rendering fairytales and mythology in colored pencil.  At the moment she is finishing work on an illustrated retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen." 

5th BreeAnn Veenstra received her BFA in Illustration from Grand Valley State University in 2009 and has been working as a freelance illustrator for several years. Her work has appeared in a range of media from editorial works, CD and DVD cover art, web design, and even children’s stickers.

5th - Nuri Keli is a graduate of Savannah College of Art in Georgia and specializes in  in concept art/character design, and visual Development.

5th Celia Krampien is a freelance illustrator currently living in Oakville, Ontario. She is a graduate of Sheridan College's BAA Illustration program. Celia draws much of her inspiration from nature and includes flora and fauna in her images whenever she can. Her work can be characterized by the use of precise lines, bright colours and subtle textures. 

5th - Rodney Pike is a caricature illustrator using photo-manipulation as his main technique. He has no formal art training and works for a variety of clients such as  FHM Magazine, Tennis Magazine, Browser Magazine, Elite Magazine, The Village Voice Magazine, DOCMA Photoshop Magazine, etc.

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