January 2, 2013

Edward Kinsella III - Cyber Bully for California Lawyer

"Last month I was asked to create a conceptual illustration on cyber bullying. I decided to focus on the idea of being overwhelmed by digital media. Instead of being surrounded by bullies, the teenager is surrounded by computers, tablets, phones.

Cyber bullying is a scary thing…There’s a haunting permanence with bullying through social media…No longer does the bullying stop after the schoolyard incident, it lives on for much longer, taunting the abused and inflicting lasting damage.

On a side note…apparently “nerd” is no longer an insult. I guess it’s been a long time since I was in high school because it wasn’t a compliment back then. The editor had me change it to “slut” for the printed version."

-Edward Kinsella III (as posted on his blog)