November 5, 2012

Let's Lend a Hand to Those Who Need it Most...

As most of you know, Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of devastation in the North East, more than anyone had predicted and to a scale that was unprecedented in the area. Our office is located in midtown manhattan, an area that luckily did not experience major flooding but had a power outage that lasted all of last week. This kept us from coming in but we did our best to work from home. Now that our power was switched back on, we are happy to say that we are back in the office and business goes on. 

Other than loss of power in our homes, we at the office were lucky to not suffer any more consequences. But this is not the case for many other people in the Northeast; homes were ruined, infrastructure was damaged, people were hurt, and in some very sad cases, lives were lost. Let's all do our part and help by donated food, clothing, diapers, money, and anything else that would help to any people who have been forced to go without these cold November weeks. 

Here are a few helpful links: 

Red Cross 
New York Governor's website shows how and where you can assist by donating and/or volunteering. 
New Jersey's Official website also lets us know how we can help. 
The White House Website 

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