October 8, 2012

Mark Wiener, You Will Be Missed...

I am saddened to have to relay the news of the sudden passing of my long time friend, artist, and founding member of Art on a Grand Scale, Mark Wiener.

He lived and breathed art… I will always remember Mark for his passionate insights about all things artistic. He could and would talk for hours about artists, form, function, and color. 

I would say to him, “Mark, you should take a vacation"

“Vacation? This is my vocation, avocation, hobby, and my child."

A vacation for him was to hang out at MOMA and chatting with visitors. Or at one of the hundreds of gallery openings he and his long time comrade in arms, Linda DiGusta, would attend. He was in his element, and he was so happy looking, talking, and commenting on the art on the walls and the state of the art world to anyone who would listen, and they did.

Mark you were a character, a truly unique individual. You knew more people on a first name basis then any other person I ever met... and you will be missed. We who had the privilege of knowing you, love you Mark.

To a wonderful soul who lived for his art. My thoughts are with you, in the company of your fellow artists who are no longer with us. I know someplace, somewhere, somehow, you are either making art or talking about it right now. 

- Richard


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