October 2, 2012

C.F. Payne - ToonFest 2012

I don't know how C.F. Payne does it, every week he travels incredibly long distances to teach and lecture, and at the same time is juggling several illustration projects. It is no wonder that The Society of Illustrators distinguished him as the educator of the year.
Several weeks ago, he participated in ToonFest and here Payne explains a little more about it and his current teaching projects:

"From September 14 to 16, I participated in the 2012 ToonFest, held in the boyhood home of Walt Disney, Marceline, MO. ToonFest began to celebrate the 100th birthday of Walt Disney by bringing in nationally known cartoonists to talk with high school students and local citizens about their art and careers in art.
This years additional guest artists were animator Kelly McNutt, cartoonist Bucky Jones, and legendary MAD magazine artist and animation character designer Paul Coker Jr.

This fall is my 16th year of teaching at Columbus College of Art and Design. With this fall schedule I have added a new wrinkle in my schedule by teaching on Fridays at the University of Hartford’s Art School in Hartford, CT. This has me going from my Columbus class conclusion straight to the Columbus Airport to fly to Hartford, arriving around 11:30PM to the teach my Friday class, beginning at 9:30AM until 4:30 – 5PM. I then travel back to Columbus on Saturday only to then drive back home to Cincinnati, usually arriving back home around 4:30PM.

The class I am teaching at the University of Hartford is part of their Koopman Chair Program, where the art department rotates a class taught by a guest artist. Often the program has the guest artists teach the entire school year. Because of the teaching schedule in Columbus, the school has graciously asked me to teach in the fall semester while having another artist, with less distance to travel, teach in the spring.

I have been teaching for more than twenty years now, I find it every bit as enjoyable as making art. The group I have in Columbus appear to be a good group of students as is this group in Hartford. When you have good group such as this you feel the pressure to make sure you perform your duties with distinction. They want a future in illustration. As we all see, it will be a challenge. But, we all have faced challenges. I can only hope that the content of what they receive in my class will serve them well with their future classes and later in their careers." - C.F. Payne

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