October 10, 2012

Announcing Project Flow!

For what seems like forever now (or about a year), we have been working on a new, top-secret project. We are now proud to finally release it and share it with you: 

Project Flow is a different take on showcasing each of our artists signature style. 

The brief was to move from one artwork to the next smoothly and create an uninterrupted continuity of imagery. In this way the eye can see 36 artworks unimpeded, developing a natural rhythm from left to right. There were no restrictions on subject matter for our artists except the artwork had to link with its neighbors. That's what made it a challenge. 
And a challenge it was! Which is why it took us almost a year from start to finish. We had to accomodate each artists busy schedule but at the end of all the hard work, we saw the light: 36 beautiful new images that when put together, really blew us away. We hope you feel the same way. 
What you see above is only a small piece of the puzzle with only the first 4 images from Gary Kelley, Yan Nascimbene, Murray Kimber, and Tyler Jacobson (with a small preview of whats to come. See it in a larger format here
We will be releasing the rest of the artworks in sets of 4 twice a week for the next several weeks (sorry, we love to tease). So stay tuned folks! Follow us on the blog! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Facebook! Just follow us... 
Let us know what you think! We the staff and the Artists love feedback!

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