September 11, 2012

Breakthrough 2012 Spotlight - The Runners Up

This year, we have seen some pretty notable submissions in our Breakthrough contest and according to the order of the scores, here are the Runners up to winner Max Kostenko: 

2ndChris Nixon is an illustrator/designer based in Perth, Australia. His work is influenced by surf, skate, music and contemporary pop culture. We particularly enjoyed his consistency and well designed style. 

3rd - Ture Ekroos studied graphic design at the University of Lapland and is now a freelance illustrator in Finland. He is a very gifted painter working in multiple genres including fantasy, science fiction, and children's books. 

4th Charles Chaisson is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance illustrator. His work has a great combination of classical realism and modern design sensibilities. 

5th AndrĂ© Kutscherauer is a German based 3d illustrator. His finely detailed and conceptual renderings makes him a real standout in the industry, working for advertising and editorial clients alike. 

5th - Ian Vanderhill graduated from grand valley state university in Michigan and has a unique style combining clay sculpture, photography, and photoshop. 

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  1. Thanks to Richard Solomon for the experience. Congratulations to Max and all the runners up - It's an honour to be named amongst you.