June 4, 2012

Goni Montes Dives Under the Sea, and Shows Us How

Goni Montes works with Irene Gallo of Tor frequently, giving the book covers his work is featured on an other-worldly, dynamic quality. Here is the latest from the greatest (as taken from his blog):

"My first work experience as an artist was as scientific illustrator of the Puerto Sea Grant. I was in charge of drawing, on a daily basis, a plethora of underwater organisms. This project was a poetic return to those roots.
Legacy Lost is Anna Banks’ prequel to her book Of PoseidonIrene Gallo of Tor.com called me to produce an introductory illustration for it.

Irene and I have worked a few times before. This time, I was certain which thumbnail she would choose. It served as a slap to reality when she chose the one I thought she’d follow the least. It was exciting. Lesson here, never predict your art directors. You really don’t know squat what they’re thinking. Isn’t that the fun part anyway?

My expectations lead me to think that inking this would be fun. And although it was…

… it became yet another excavation site, albeit, not the worst one I’ve produced. Lately, it seems my inks are going overboard. But if the final product looks good, there can be no regrets.

As usual, colors saved the day.

These are some of the images I used as reference. They’re beautiful. The marine-life illustrator in me speaks.
Thanks, Anna & Irene, for the fantastic story and the exciting project!" - Goni

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