April 10, 2012

Niklas Asker - The Illustration Project

Niklas Asker is an accomplished fine artist as well as a talented illustrator. The opening to his most recent exhibition in his native Malmö, Sweden called "The Illustration Project", was last friday. It showcased his dark, emotional, and dreamlike paintings that are radically different from his usual graphic novel style. The premise for this show what that Niklas painting these images immediately after reading a book; there were 9 books in total (see image captions to see which books they are based on). 

 If you are in the Malmö area, the show will be running until April 29th at the Rönnquist & Rönnquist Gallery. 

The Summer Without Men

Vanishing Point

Heaven & Hell

A Room of Ones Own


Monsieur Linh and His Child
Lighthouse Keeping

Invisible Cities

The Year of Magical Thinking

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