April 9, 2012

!Breakthrough Contest 2012 Open to Submissions this April 11th!

This week (starting April 11th) we are launching our second annual Breakthrough Contest. After the incredible success last year, we are happy to once again help out talented, young illustrators launch their careers. Just take a look at the talented artists who submitted last year, who we were happy to feature in several blogs (Runners Up and Staff Picks). 

Last year's winner, Michal Dziekan, is a successful member of our group now, working on a broad range of projects from editorial to advertising. We also asked Tran Nguyen and Maria Corte Maidagan, who did not win, to join our group after seeing the incredible portfolios they submitted to the contest. Here is what they had to say about their success after submitting to the contest:

"During my great Breakthrough trip to NY I got the opportunity to join a group of fantastic artists represented by Richard Solomon. It's a great honor for me to find myself next to these guys."

Maria Corte Maidagan:

"I view the Breakthrough Contest is an invaluable source of exposure -- an opportunity I couldn't refuse.  I took interest in the competition with intentions of expanding my career outside of gallery work, towards a more commercial field.  Not only did it serve as an open exhibition for potential clients, but I also received the opportunity to be taken under by the notable representative, himself.  My participation in it did exactly what I set forth to do."

Tran Nguyen:

"I would encourage everyone to participate in the Breakthrough Contest. For me, it has been a great chance for giving visibility to my work abroad, providing impetus for my professional career outside Europe. I have collaborated with different international publications that have entailed new challenges to face ever since, always relying on the advice and experience I have been provided with by RSAR. This is why I would also like to highlight the humane treatment that the office gives to the artists represented, always close and warm. Taking part in it has been a rewarding experience that I am still enjoying to this day."

For more information regarding eligibility or to submit (starting this wednesday April 11th), go the contest webpage here: www.RichardSolomon.com/Breakthrough

We look forward to seeing all the submissions and best of luck to all. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at contest@richardsolomon.com

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