April 30, 2012

Communication Arts Features RSAR Artists

We received our issue of Communication Arts Illustration Annual in the mail today and were very proud to have our artists featured. 

Gregory Manchess received the honor of being on the cover with a painterly portrait he did for Juice Pharma ad agency. The interior of the magazine also features 3 more of the portraits for the series which were done as artistic interpretations of psychiatric disorders.

C.F. Payne's illustrations of old time baseball players he did for the book "Lineup for Yesterday"(which also got him the BolognaRagazzi Award) take up a 2 page spread in CA. Also, an image he created for The Theodore Roosevelt Association was chosen.

Likewise, Gary Kelley's book "And the Soldiers Sang", a powerful story about Christmas on the front line of WWI, published by Creative Editions, was also featured. 

Jason Seiler's Illustration for Rolling Stone of the Black Keys for their "Reviews Section"

Chris Gall got into the annual with a Constructivist Style image about vocal Chinese art and an illustration that accompanied a story called "The Blind Oceanographer" in Popular Science Magazine. 

Edward Kinsella III got featured with the cover illustration for the novel "Wooden Bones", the story of what happens to Pinnochio after the original tale ends. 

Chris Whetzel - Box Office Mobile

A recent issue of LA Times featured an article about Movie Theaters encouraging the use of mobile devices, for purchasing tickets that is. Here are the sketches and final Chris Whetzel shares about the great illustration he created to accompany the article. 

Yan Nascimbene - Saturday Evening Post Cover

Yan Nascimbene was commissioned to create a cover for the Saturday Evening Post (former home of illustration giant, Norman Rockwell). This special issue is all about amazing acts of courage and endurance and what better way to portray that than a swimmer on a rough ocean. 

Maria Corte Maidagan - Made in America!

Art director Mark Tyner was blown away with the concept Maria Corte came up with for the Wall Street Journal's article about America going back to work. Maria shared her sketch to finish "assembly line" illustration, a very smart work of art. 

You can read the full article which was featured in the Sunday edition here.

April 27, 2012

Tyler Jacobson - Fantastic Covers!

Tyler Jacobson was commissioned last year by both Penguin and Tor books to create covers for their books "The Secret of Lodestar" by Tim Champlin and Forerunner by Andre Norton. The books have since been released and now we can share their awesome covers!

Dongyun Lee - Army of One

C-Ville, a publication in Charlottesville, Virginia, features an illustration by Dongyun Lee in their most current issue. "Army of One" is an article about school bullying, here Dongyun shares his process for creating this great illustration. 

April 26, 2012

Chase Stone - Reins of Hysteria!

Financial guru Peirce Stern commissioned Chase Stone to do the cover for his book "Reins of Hysteria" (see below for a blurb). Chase was asked to do both the art and the type design, which came out pretty darned good. 

"Global financial turmoil has raised a few suspicions about banking. We can only guess what gave it away, but it's safe to say that flames do indeed signify fire.

As an investor, you want to know the extent of the damage, and what to do from here. This nonfictional dark comedy will guide you through the misconceptions and misdirections of banking today. It will teach you how to invest wisely."

Murray Kimber - Dance Mania v2.0

Murray Kimber created another poster for Djoon, a nightclub in Paris, for their Dance Mania event. Check out the first one he did here

April 25, 2012

Dongyun Lee - Family Farm Defender Process

The Progressive art director  Nick Jehlen commissioned Donyun Lee to create an illustration for their article "Family Farm Defender". Below is a step by step process: 

April 23, 2012

April 20, 2012

Edward Kinsella III - Covered in Snow

In between commissioned work, Edward Kinsella III gets a chance to work on hauntingly beautiful fine art work. These images will be shown in an upcoming gallery show with Jeff Love at Ghostprint Gallery

Maria Corte Maidagan - Polling Day Blues

Maria Corte Maidagan's geometric style is featured in the UK magazine "The Tablet". She was given only a few days to come up with 2 conceptual ideas, one for the cover and one interior, for how the French economy is affecting the vote for their 2012 elections. It came out fantastic!

April 19, 2012

Ricardo Martinez Joins Richard Solomon

We are very happy to announce that famed Spanish illustrator, Ricardo Martinez, has joined up with the Richard Solomon group. Initially introduced to us by Peter De Seve, Ricardo stopped by our office durring a family trip to New York. Once we saw his portfolio, we were blown away by the textures, concepts, and overall quality of his art. 

Ricardo Martinez lives in Madrid, Spain, where he is best known for contributing multiple political cartoons and illustrations in each issue of El Mundo newspaper.  His comic strip “Goomer” was syndicated in the U.S. by Creator’s Syndicate in 1991 and was printed in newspapers worldwide.

 His unique style blends finely detailed scratchboard, portraiture, caricature, and witty concepts. We hope you enjoy his portfolio as much as we do:  www.richardsolomon.com/artists/ricardo-martinez

Guy Stauber - The Avengers!

Guy Stauber was commisioned by Marvel to create these kick-ass illustrations of the characters featured in the new release "The Avengers" (opening in May).